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Greg Bentley, CEO & President
Every architectural or engineering firm requires tools to equip professionals and empower project teams for hassle-free collaboration with other project stakeholders. Catering to the infrastructure design, Bentley Systems provides its customers with the modeling and project collaboration solutions to design and analyze infrastructures in a virtual environment. With Bentley’s portfolio of design and analysis solutions, organizations can build virtual models of infrastructure projects including buildings, industrial plants, offshore structures, utility and communications networks, railways, highways, bridges, and more.

The capabilities of the Bentley’s portfolio spans from design, analytical, reality, and construction modeling to supporting disciplines including architecture, mapping, surveying, civil engineering, structural engineering, plant engineering, hydraulic and hydrology analysis. The solutions are delivered as on-premise and cloud-based for managing project work. In addition, it provides the holistic view of the project that enables organizations to gain insight into numerous projects, and simultaneously, the solution protects the intellectual property in standards, catalogs, and work processes.

The Multi-discipline Building Design and Analysis solution provides design virtualization and digital collaboration for the organizations to improve design coordination and analysis. The solution enables design visualization team to explore design alternatives and manage data across the entire project lifecycle. With such a capability to access diversity in designs, enterprises can improve building systems coordination and analysis, resulting in the delivery of highly accurate and reliable buildings. The Multi-discipline Building Design and Analysis solution leverages engineering data to simulate a design’s performance that performs analytical modeling and allows spatial coordination between engineering systems.

At the core of the solution lies AECOsim Building Designer that empowers the design team with BIM advancements to deliver high-performance buildings in time. The building design software integrates information from multiple sources in different formats for ensuring hassle-free workflow. The software’s Multi-discipline capability increases collaboration among architects, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers with a shared set of tools for seamless sharing of design.

AECOsim Building Designer enables the user to simulate buildings and predict real-world performance of the asset quickly and with precision to explore various options for iterative refinement

Post designing, AECOsim Building Designer enables the user to simulate buildings and predict real-world performance of the asset quickly and with precision to explore various options for iterative refinement. With a ready-to-construct design, a professional can generate documents and reports through the software’s reporting capability. It produces high-quality documents directly from the intelligent building model and ensures the regular update of drawings with accuracy in representing design through different views of publishing design model. The user can also link specifications, engineering calculations, and equipment documentation to models and drawings to support building operations.

In one instance, SimpsonHaugh and Partners had to design a 170-meter tower at the bridgehead of Blackfriars Bridge that joins the sequence of landmarks located along the south bank of the River Thames. The client used innovative tools developed in-house and based upon the framework of AECOsim Building Designer. With Bentley’s software, the client created parametric model that allowed them to virtually explore design solutions and options, as well as quickly calculate and produce visuals. This model was imported into Bentley Architecture for the production of general arrangement drawings and detailed schedules, as well to directly draw and annotate key tower elements. With AECOsim Building Designer, the client delivered an outstanding design with small workforce in less time and minimal errors.

Forging ahead, Bentley Systems is planning to enhance their solutions by incorporating additional features to the solution that will ease the process of designing complex infrastructures.

Bentley Systems

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Greg Bentley, CEO & President

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