ANSYS [NASDAQ:ANSS]: Incisive Simulation-Driven Product Engineering

James Cashman III, President & CEO
Whether its witnessing a rocket launch, flying on an airplane, or using smart mobile and wearable devices, there’s a strong possibility that ANSYS [NASDAQ:ANSS] has played a critical role in its creation. Since its inception in 1970, the company has been focused on offering a broad portfolio of engineering simulation software that assists organizations in solving their most complex design challenges. With the help of its highly qualified staff, ANSYS specializes in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software and design optimization. The company develops, markets, and supports engineering simulation software, which predicts how product designs will behave in real-world environments. ANSYS also helps in fostering the ‘what-if thinking’ methodology, so that engineers can readily explore design alternatives for an optimal solution.

With an aim to incorporate computer-based engineering simulation, ANSYS allows its clients’ engineers to refine and validate designs at the initial stages of product development where cost of amendment is the least. By deploying the ANSYS simulation solutions, organizations can identify, design, and improve their system performances. Also, with a streamlined simulation workflow, engineers can focus on enhancing the system reliability, studying multiple results in larger systems, and expanding the size and scope of their designs. With a simulation-driven product development approach, the company’s engineering simulation software not only delivers efficiency, but also reduces or eliminates physical constraints, enabling simulated tests that might otherwise not be possible. The company comprehensively helps its customers verify how their new products will work even before making a prototype, saving valuable time and money.

ANSYS’ simulation software service is catered to more than eleven verticals including automotive, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, energy, and electronic industries. In one instance, a leading utility vehicle company was facing an engine performance entanglement. The manufacturer was not able to design emission systems in utility vehicles particularly in the SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). Also, packaging and manufacturing constraints and costs had deterred the design of the air and exhaust systems.

ANSYS helps its customers verify how their new products will work before ever making a prototype, saving valuable time and money

After careful assessment, the utility vehicle company chose ANSYS to simulate all its emission requirements of air and exhaust system. As a result, the utility vehicle company effectively reduced its cost and time of product development.

ANSYS also offers a number of consulting services to its clients, which includes SDPD (Simulation-Driven Product Development) assessment, enterprise deployment, strategic projects, cloud deployment, and EKM (Engineering Knowledge Manager) deployment. With consulting services of ANSYS, organizations can evaluate their current simulation processes with a roadmap for improvement, set up, deploy and optimize their simulation software. In addition to its consulting services, the company also provides a number of simulation training services through its ANSYS Training Center. The company conducts classes in a live classroom or through a virtual classroom with a live instructor, in a public or private setting. The courses are available in a number of cost-effective options such as ‘individual’, ‘subscription to unlimited’, or ‘bulk purchase of’ classes.

ANSYS leverages state-of-the-art technologies, integrates them into a unified simulation platform, and provides cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, to manage simulation processes and data. The company has a proven record of accomplishment for delivering reliable and cost-effective products that help companies in utilizing simulation effectively. With a vision to address the customers’ requirements and budget constraints with SDPD approach, the company continues to acquire the best technologies to incorporate within its unified and customizable simulation platform.


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James Cashman III, President & CEO

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