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John Biver, President & CEO
The Autodesk landscape has evolved significantly during recent years with the emergence of smart, model-based technologies. Firms are being pressured by clients to utilize new innovative products which improve quality and reduce costs. For organizations to take full advantage of this new method of design, they are required to change their workflows,” says Mr. John Biver, President and CEO, Eagle Point. Through over 33 years of evolution, Eagle Point has moved from providing design tools, to focusing on allowing organizations to take full advantage of technology involved in their production workflow.

Autodesk has handpicked Eagle Point Software to be one of 12 Industry Partners focused on Architecture and Engineering from a highly diverse range of over 4000 Developer Network Partners spread across the globe. Excited to be a part of the elite, Biver provides a quick overview on the unique features that have been instrumental in this achievement. “At Eagle Point, we have a strong team of architects and engineers with decades of core-experience in the Autodesk Eco-system. This team provides the expertise necessary to develop solutions that meet the specific challenges that are experienced by all Autodesk users,” says Biver.

This has been accomplished through Eagle Point’s flagship product-Pinnacle Series. “Pinnacle Series allows Autodesk users to access best practice workflows along with resources to answer their toughest questions when they need it–while they are designing,” affirms Biver. Pinnacle Series is a resource center that fits perfectly in Autodesk users support, training and production environments. By transferring the appropriate knowledge directly to Autodesk users, they are empowered to search, browse and communicate when they need help with things like learning new software titles, version upgrades, and training. This knowledge creates advanced users who are able to take advantage of the full suite of Autodesk products thereby maximizing the value of their subscription.

With fully customizable options, Pinnacle Series serves as an all-inclusive platform for storing, retrieving and delivering corporate information.Through Pinnacle Series, every employee can gain “any-time, any-where’’ access to the organization’s training materials, standard operating procedures or any other useful information, in the office, at home and even on mobile devices.

Our team provides the expertise necessary to develop solutions that meet the specific challenges that are experienced by all Autodesk users

Adding to the desirability of Pinnacle Series is its adaptability to connect into existing systems. The Extended Search function can reach into existing corporate knowledge repositories and return immediate, relevant results. All these features turn Pinnacle Series into a trustworthy source of Subject Matter Expertise, improving training and production workflow.

Tracy Matteson, Design Technology Manager for MEP Firm Mazzetti, was assessing employee’s skill sets and knowledge of Autodesk software, and quickly recognized there were many areas where they were lacking proper knowledge. The company knew they needed to provide more training, but they were unsure how to effectively apply targeted training to these weak areas. That was, until they chose Pinnacle Series.

The firm implemented Pinnacle Series and created a process in which any time a support request came in, the Technology Management team would send the requester a link to the content in Pinnacle Series. The requester could review content and respond if they had additional questions. The support and training provided through Pinnacle has resulted in a 90 percent reduction in employees who require follow-up assistance after training; and Matteson has gained an extra two to four hours a day as a result, freeing him up to work on higher-end initiatives.

Most recently, Eagle Point has developed the next generation of Pinnacle Series to bring more value to global organizations. The cloud-based solution includes live services in time-zone and local language provided by its rapidly expanding consortium of Partners.

Eagle Point Software

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John Biver, President & CEO

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