XOEye Technologies Alliances with Vuzix to Deliver Wearables Solutions
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XOEye Technologies Alliances with Vuzix to Deliver Wearables Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: XOEye Technologies, a provider of wearables solutions, announces its collaboration with Vuzix, a supplier of video and cloud connected eyewear as well as smart glasses, to deliver customized end-to-end enterprise wearables solution for manufacturing, construction, field services and other deskless industries. XOEye and Vuzix together will be working on the implementation of wearable technology incorporating smart glasses and Linux software platform.

XOEye will combine Vuzix’s M100 smart glasses with its XOLinux operating system (OS) and Vision cloud-based management and communication platform to develop various wearables solutions. XOLinux OS is designed to implement business applications and seamlessly integrate with existing technology infrastructure. XOEye Vision aggregates workplace data and images for retrieval and analysis at the time of facilitating project management, employee communication and on-site safety.

With these additions to wearable OS, wearable industry will be benefitted with faster development, deployment flexibility and upgrade of OS. The company will also provide customized services such as training, development, consulting and ongoing maintenance as a support of its platform.

“Demand for wearables in the workplace continues to increase as requirements for efficiency, workplace safety and compliance across many sectors are becoming increasingly commonplace, and in some cases mandated,” says Aaron Salow, CEO, XOEye Technologies. “We allow our partners to focus on perfecting the eyewear and other hardware sensors to focus on developing the platform and applications our customers needed to achieve their business goals.”

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