Power Supply Testing: 400 Hz Operation

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Power Supply Testing: 400 Hz Operation

All of the power supplies tested passed the thermal, stress test, and low/high voltage operation criteria at 440 Hz. However, there is one very important parameter that must be considered in deeming a power supply appropriate for operation in a 400 Hz environment. This parameter is known as power factor, commonly abbreviated as PF.

The higher the PF (desired), the lower the reactance and the more current is in phase with the voltage. The lower the PF (undesired), the higher the reactance and the more out of phase is the current with respect to the voltage.

The purposes of this whitepaper are:

  • to provide confidence in claiming compliant operation outside the stated vendor specifications, namely at 400 Hz, suitable for use with airborne power buses

  • to provide compliance with margin and eliminate borderline passing scenarios

  • to provide insights on the supplies that are 400 Hz compatible

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